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Shining Face and Alkaid: A minor constellation. One of the Seven.

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No further messenger until 1975
Mother of the World
Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
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Shining Face and Alkaid: A minor constellation. One of the Seven.
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The Law of Solar Union and The Cycle Of Sunship
Seven Rishis, Seven Timekeepers
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The Roman Empire

The ten constellations connected with a still greater zodiac which is not conditioned by the numerical significance of the number twelve. EA 112.

A constellation consists of two or more solar systems or series of suns with their attendant planets. These systems are held together as a coherent whole by the powerful interrelation of the suns, whose magnetic rapport is so balanced that occultly "they tread the Path together within the radius of each other's power;" they preserve their relative distances, and vitalize their planets, but at the same time they preserve an equality of balance and of influence. In a few rare cases this balance is disturbed, and there is a waxing or a waning of influence and of magnetic power. This condition is governed by a cosmic law of rhythm so obscure as to be incomprehensible at this time. EP1 153.


I would like also to emphasize -perhaps unnecessarily - that Sirius, the Great Bear and the Pleiades work through the medium of the twelve constellations, pouring their influences through nine of them in particular, but that these major constellations are not part of the zodiac with which we are concerned.


They, with the seven solar systems of which ours is one, are the ten constellations connected with a still greater zodiac which is not conditioned by the numerical significance of the number twelve. Hence ten is regarded as the number of perfection. There is confusion in the minds of some of the less learned students (astrologically considered) on this point. EA 112.


Seven regions have their several Suns; the ministering priests are seven; Seven are the Aditya Deiti. Aditya (Sun) Rig Veda.


Every ray life is an expression of a solar life and every planet is therefore: Animated by energy pouring into it from the seven solar systems, of which ours is one. EA 26.


Seven Rishis:

"The first 'seven stars' are not planetary. They are the *leading stars* of seven constellations which turn around with the Great Bear (S.D. Vol. III, 195) EA  656. Appendix.


The cosmic Logos of our system works similarly through three major systems (of which ours is not one), utilizing seven solar systems (of which ours is one), for the distribution of His force and having myriads of sevenfold groups as the cells of His body. TCF 353.


The Seven Solar Systems/constellations of the Great Bear of which ours is a part, do not constitute as "major" systems/constellations but the GB is regarded as a "superior" constellation, which refers to the "leading" seven stars of the seven systems. This is a constellation in its own right of a superior nature. Although these seven systems/constellations are not so regarded as "major" ones, five of the seven are of greater magnitude than our own with only one other of the same magnitude or order approximately.


The Seven Rishis Are:


The Seven leading Solar logi of the seven solar systems including ours!

The Seven Prototypes of the seven Schemes including Earth Scheme.

The Seven Prototypes of the seven Heavenly Men.

The Seven "Saptarshis" of the 7 x 7 = 49 Maha-richis "storm Gods" sons of Rudra.

The Seven Paths or creators of them. The Way for the seven Solar systems/constellations.


Individual constellations of x 7 stars [seven stars] known as 'systemic wheels,' are divided into 343 groups accordingly by degree of Order and Magnitude which is a formula of 49 x 7 as used by the Adepts. This reveals to us the truth that the Rishis or great solar logi appear 7 x 7 = 49 forming seven constellations of seven stars each thus occultly a group multiple of 7 according to "class" or "magnitude" of the group of Rishis concerned. Each individual group of seven stars is occultly known as a "superior" constellation though this must be relative to the class of the group.


A proposition: Shining face our solar lord, and Alkaid the leading star of the Great Bear constitute as a constellation with these two stars at the minimum, and as one of the seven constellations/solar systems of the Great Bear. Occultly our solar system is one of seven solar systems and is therefore an integral part of a series of seven suns forming the Great Bear. We are therefore part of the great constellation Ursa Major and also constitute a constellation of minor order in our own right.


A Cosmic Wheel is a group of x 7 constellations consisting of seven stars each, or the physical manifestation of a Cosmic Logoi. These are again divided into greater groups of x 49 but this time when so divided each group comprises of millions of septenary superior constellations, such are the enormous sizes of these groups. JPC.


Second Cosmic Plane - Seven Cosmic Logoi.     

Fourth Cosmic Plane - Seven Rishis of the Great Bear. TCF 431.


Synthesis - The Will Aspect - 1st Aspect.  

The law governing the thought form of that One of the cosmic Logoi in Whose consciousness both our system, and our greater center, have a part.


It is a unit of His thought, a thought form in its entirety, a concrete whole, and not the differentiated process that we feel our evolving system to be. TCF 568.


The orbital path of the solar system in the heavens around its cosmic center is now being sensed, and the general drift also of our constellation is being taken into consideration as a welcome hypothesis. Scientists have not yet admitted into their calculations the fact that our solar system is revolving around a cosmic center along with six other constellations of even greater magnitude in the majority of cases than ours, only one being approximately of the same magnitude as our solar system. TCF 1084.


Magnitude - mahima. This is the power to expand one's consciousness and thus enter into the greater whole as well as into the lesser part. LOS 346.


The wheels in order of their importance might be enumerated as follows:


The wheel of the universe, or the sumtotal of all stars and starry systems. A cosmic wheel, or a group of seven constellations. These are grouped according to:

      Their magnitude,     

      Their vibration,     

      Their color,     

      Their influence upon each other.


These cosmic wheels, according to the esoteric books, are divided into forty-nine groups, each comprising millions of septenary constellations. TCF 1087.


The numbers seven and forty-nine (7 x 7) play a most prominent part. Classes of Rishis appear by seven and seven. SD2 611.


For purposes of study by the Adepts, they are each known by a symbol, and these forty-nine symbols embody all that can be apprehended anent the size, magnitude, quality, vibratory activity, and objective of those great forms through which an Existence is experiencing.


The Chohans of high degree know the forty-nine sounds which give the quality of the consciousness aspect of these great Beings Who are as far removed from the consciousness of our solar Logos as the consciousness of man is removed from that of a crystal. The knowledge thus appreciated by the Chohans is naturally but theoretical and conveys only to their relatively limited consciousness the general nature of the group of constellations, and the force occasionally emanating from them which has at times to be taken into calculation. For instance, the interest awakened in the public mind lately by the giant star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion is due to the fact that at this particular time there has been an interplay of force between our tiny system and this giant one, and communication between the two informing Existences.   


Systemic wheels or the atomic life of individual constellations. These again are divided into 343 groups, known to the Adept again through a series of characters forming a word which -through its ideographic nature - conveys essential information to the Adept. The ideograph for our solar system may in part be disclosed - not the characters themselves but a digest of that for which the characters stand. Our solar system is disclosed as being:


A system of the fourth order, having its force centers upon the fourth cosmic plane, and making its objective manifestation from the fourth systemic plane, via the fourth subplane of the systemic physical plane.


Blue in color, esoteric orange and green.     

A system which is occultly known to the Adept as "in an airy sign in which the Bird can fly."     

A system formed of "three fires which form a fourth."     

A system in which the Bird has "four tail feathers" and hence can occultly "mount to a higher plane and find its fifth."     

A system which has four major cycles, and minor periods of manifestation which are multiples of that figure. 


A system which in the alchemical phraseology of the Masters is viewed as being "a product of the fourth; the fourth itself in process of transmutation; and the living stone with four shells." All this can be seen at one glance by the Master who has the ideographic word before Him. Other ideograms are available for His use which give Him the immediate information as He studies the influences contacting our solar system. TCF 1087.


We are all graded, therefore, if it may be so expressed, according to the magnitude of the light, according to the rate of vibration, according to the purity of the tone and the clarity of the color. IHS 68.


This is a lucid indiction which may be applied to the occult nature of a Star or Constellation or group of Constellations. JPC.


Magnitude - mahima. This is the power to expand one's consciousness and thus enter into the greater whole as well as into the lesser part. LOS 346.


You have to remember, therefore, as you study these most deeply esoteric relations that we approach them from

two angles - the only angles which are as yet possible to the finite mind of man:


The relation of the three constellations to the rays which are each expressing the quality of the Life of an Informing Entity - the Being Who is expressing Identity through one or other of the seven stars of the Great Bear, Ursa Major, as we probably ought to call this constellation. The three aspects of the will which the three constellations are expressing and to which human beings will consciously respond after the third initiation. These three aspects are:

          The will which conditions and initiates.

          The will which brings fulfilment.

          The will which conquers death.       


Before entering into a closer analysis of our subject, I would remind you that we are in reality dealing with universals, symbolized for us in the huge aggregate of constellations with which our theme is concerned:


The seven stars of the Great Bear or Ursa Major are involved in an intricate relation with Ursa Minor and the Pleiades. With this we shall not deal. This major triplicity of constellations has a peculiar relation to that Great Being to Whom I have at times referred as the One About Whom Naught Can Be Said. All that can be hinted at is that these three galaxies of stars are the three aspects of that Indescribable, Absolute Monad, the Ineffable Cause of the seven solar systems - of which ours is one.


The twelve constellations of the zodiac, each with its own interrelations, peculiar to its own integral Life, form - each of them - part of a triangle of energies. Each of these triangles is a unit in itself but in conjunction with the other triangles forms part of that major quaternary which is the cosmic analogy of the quaternary of the One Life - soul and the dual psychic nature, called in some of the esoteric books kama-manas, plus the vital nature. These four are the expression of the One Ineffable Cause.


Our solar system (of supreme unimportance) is yet a part of the sevenfold appearance of that same Essential Cause. As you know, from a study of The Secret Doctrine, our solar system is a tiny reflection or replica of the 1, the 3, the 7, the 12. Because of that innate, inherent correspondence, it has within itself the capacity to respond to the energies emanating from this fountainhead of light and will. More than this I may not say, because the entire theme is too vast. for human thinking, with its limitations of consciousness and its inadequacy of language.


But even a dim perception of that vast aggregation of intelligent Forces and this immense concatenation of stupendous, divine "Intentions" will serve to bring into clearer light, the realization that our solar system (and consequently out planet) is a part of this vast whole, kept alive by its "grace," fused by its will, and preserved by its "Intention." Because these Forces are, we are; because They persist, we persist; because They move in form, in space, in time, we do the same. EA 609.


To found upon earth (as has already been indicated) a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity - as a whole - can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself) and inducing an interstellar activity.      To develop a station of light, through the medium of the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one. EP2 217.



August 2005.

Jeremy Condick.




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